Lemon Remedie

"Is the first and best Healing
remedies fruit"


(Citrus Limonium)

We put the lemon in the first place for many reasons. We gavethe name of "consumer acid", considering its important work. Lemon plays a major role as the destroyer of the acids in the stomach, against acidification and other diseases. Still much to be exhausted its healing power. Because is proven by science that with lemon namely their juice, can be cured More than 150 diseases .

About Lemon - and some history

The lemon is the biggest enemy of all foreign substances, no matter where the body organs and tissues accumulated. The lemon is often the only remedy that can bring a welcome change. So it is not only because the great "consumer acids, but also the best consumer substances" harmful, poisonous and strange. For almost prove most of the diseases of the acidification of the blood, body and organs, namely, the accumulation of foreign substances, it is very logical that with a lemon cure many diseases can be cured. The lemon contains many kinds of vitamins, is not only a means of healing the first rank, but when he played his cleaning process is also strengthening and invigorating half. Beyond these vitamins that was discovered recently by the science, another new vitamin in the lemon, which gives a good reputation in healing Disease and lung inflammation, and so on.

Lemon is best for

  • Reeumatism,
  • Males stomach,
  • Diseases of the kidneys,
  • Colds of any kind,
  • Fever of any kind,
  • Any kind of inflammation,
  • Diseases of the matrix,

How to prepare Lemon Remedie

Lemon can be used in two ways, eating completely or squeezing its juice and taking it through a straw. The purification process The quantity of lemons more appropriate to taken is in form of juice against a disease, illness depends share their Severity and duration, and the time has to take the cure. There are cases in which the cure is achieved, taking Just a few lemons per day, while in others the contrary, they should take greater quantities and for some time to obtain a complete cure. Sample quantities listed below, give the reader more or less an idea of the number that can be taken daily in a cure cleaning and cure a disease:

1) In a mild illness not serious: the fresh juice of lemons 5 to 10 per day.
2) in a serious illness: 10 to 15 daily.
3) in a very serious disease: 15 to 20 and more daily.

Of course depending on the disease and the patient.
Taking for example the juice from 8 to 12 daily lemons can protect against contagious diseases, epidemics, pests, Etc...
The same amount in the lower reaches for the sick high fever.
To cure a serious drop is considered rheumatism Necessary to take the juice from 20 to 45 lemons daily. similar diseases need the same quantities, that cured thus successfully.
we can run a cure with lemon juice during the period of 10 days, we cited three examples below In terms of quantity and increase daily: